His Promise: for a Hill Country Photographer

Sometimes I find myself slipping into that "wondering" phase of life.  Not so much in the joyful, awe-inspiring part but more like the continual concerning part.  The part that nags you and worries you and makes you wonder what it's all for anyway.  I know, I'm not the only one, I hope not at least!

I was shopping around at our local Ross the other day (my new FAV store... it's a small town, give me a break, haha!) and started peeking at the journals and planners.  I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with journals and planners.  I LOVE how adorable they are (I purchase way too many) and I HATE the fact that I am so bad about journaling and that planners make me always see how tight (or empty) my schedule is.  And if I'm being totally truthful, the really awesome planners, the ones that have daily goals and lists and devotions and all that cool stuff.... those just remind me how miserably unorganized I am.

Well, while at Ross, I realized it's that time of year where I need to get a new planner so I can start logging weddings, etc. for 2018.  While I was poking through them, I found this one and fell in LOVE with it (the price of only $3 was a bonus too)!  Now my planner isn't just a reminder of a busy (or sometimes not so busy) schedule but it's a daily reminder that HE has a bigger plan for me than I can write for myself.  My job, is to love Him with all my heart, love others more than I love myself and follow His lead.  Letting the rest fall into place.

Here's to starting a new planner (and year) with Jesus taking the lead, and to Jeremiah's reminder.... 

Hmmm, even a planner can be a simple blessing of peace and joy.

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Maternity, Newborn, Family Photographer, Spicewood, Texas ~ Hudson

One of the greatest dreams I have had is to become the photographer that you want walking beside you, capturing all the precious moments in your life.  Depending on where the cycle begins doesn't matter.  What matters, is the love I get to capture, the friendships I get to create and the joy I have in watching life unfold (and photographing it, of course!).

So far, with my precious friends, Rachel and Kevin, I'm getting to share a life journey with them.  I was so blessed to photograph their wedding and when Rachel came to me about photographing a maternity and newborn session, I was ecstatic!  We had a wonderful time with the maternity session and I almost got to have photos of her in another wedding but Mr. Hudson decided it was time to arrive so no bridesmaid photos were done but photos of Mr. Hudson finally are!

Hmmm, this isn't a newborn session you might think...  Hudson is 7 months old, what's up?  Well, this is where that journey called life took a twist for this precious family.  Within days of his birth, this little guy was rushed into have a procedure to remove a blockage and was in the NICU for four more days.  Shortly thereafter, they were given the news that he has cystic fibrosis.  Needless to say, newborn photos were NOT an option.  Life needed to settle down, and it has.  To some degree.

This little guy is an incredibly happy baby and SO. FREAKING. CUTE!  I guess we did more of a lifestyle baby/family session but getting to capture all that cuteness while they basically did life for a few hours was one of the most blessed moments in my career!

There have been AMAZING strides and advancement in the treatment of cystic fibrosis in the last 20+ years and I am crazy thrilled about that!  I know they will still have their challenges but I also know that they have an amazing God on their side and that HE loves Hudson even more than we do.  This little guy has already been such a beautiful testimony to so many of us.

Here's to you sweet Hudson and to MANY more photo sessions in the future!

Please take a moment and click here to find out more and to donate to help find a cure!
Thank you <3

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Spicewood Vineyard Wedding ~ Kaylee and Ethan

On a spring day in Texas, the clouds hung low in the sky and the sun decidedly took a holiday.  That was, until the bride took the journey to her forever groom.  There was so much joy at the vineyard I believe the sun had no choice but to return and share in it as well!

When I met Kaylee and Ethan, I knew there was something incredible about these two.  It wasn't just in the way they looked at one another or the way his hand continually searched for hers.  Nor was it because the laughter they shared, the adorableness of his proposal or the sweetness in her envisioning their future so far in advance.  It wasn't just the fact that he was incredibly dapper or she is insanely beautiful in all her bridal glory... It was all of the above and much, much more.

The raw emotion that couldn't be contained during their blind-folded first look and the moment their eyes met as her father escorted her into his arms made every. single. one. of us reach for the tissues.  This day was filled with joy, laughter, fun, and one of the most precious couples I now have the privilege of calling friends <3 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Manley!  I can't wait to see those babies and grandbabies some day ;)

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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