Emma and Her Heart

Last spring I was so thrilled to get to take Emma's senior photos.  We had several challenges (serious accident with her horse, rain, rain and more rain...) but our perseverance paid off.  After doing our first session, I KNEW I had to work with her again!  OMGOSH!  Similar story, schedules and weather (HEAT this time) were not our friends but we pushed through and despite 103* temps, we made it!

There are words we use (ok, I use) and many times, over use (me again), words like, beautiful, stunning and gorgeous.  Oh, and amazing too.  Sometimes, it's hard to decide on "just the right word" so we I use what I know.  And over use it.  A ton.

When describing Emma, there is not just one word that encompasses everything about her.  I tried and tried to figure out "the" word but I couldn't get past my usual.  Thanks to google, I found a few that might come close...
Find one word that encompasses ALL those, and you have "the" word to describe Emma.
Oh, and she's also amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and stunning too ;)

*special thanks to my sweet friend, Cindy Friedrichs, owner of Lily Flower Shoppe, that made our floral crown!
Be sure to check her out for ANY floral needs!  Superb job my friend!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Life's Joy

It's hard for me to believe that in just about a month Greg and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary!  So many struggles and blessings wrapped up in that phrase. I am incredibly blessed (and I'm not sugar coating this) to truly be married to the same guy for so many years. It's only by the grace of God and our willingness to take our vows to heart. No matter how many times we were ready to shoot the other person, lol!

As some of you know, it hasn't always been easy and with starting our own businesses with nothing in the bank, choosing a life that leads to debt freedom instead of debt disaster (been there, done that, never again) and our choice to have me stay home and homeschool, we haven't had the ability to see the world. Or even the United States. That is about to change!

This September, in a rush and flurry of emails, web searches, tears (both of joy frustration sorrow and joy again) we will be heading to ALASKA!!!  I can not wait to share this adventure with you all!

God is good. ALL the time!  Even when we don't understand how things will work out :)

Part of our Journey will take us here... Haines, Alaska!  Our hotel is shown on the right side of this postcard image.  *swoon*

We will be flying into Ketchikan, ferrying to Petersburg, Juneau and to Haines.  Then we'll rent a car and drive through Yukon territory (the need for the passport)
on to Tok, Anchorage and Seward!

Craigen Lifestyle Family Session, Kingsland, Texas

So I wrote a post about my family session with Michele of Pinkle Toes and how it changed things for me.  And now I get to share another part of my heart.


I have amazing friends!  I don't get to see them much other than the occasional cup of coffee but every now and then I get to love on them a little longer than that.

Meet the Craigens.

My precious, sweet and amazing friends.  When they added a new one to their beautiful family I immediately knew we had to capture this crew being exactly that.  A family.

I love and adore you all!  Thanks for letting me be a teeny part of your lives for so many years. <3


(Since my heart is moving me toward Lifestyle Family Sessions only, I'm blogging almost their entire session, lol!  Sorry, couldn't resist!)

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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