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There are days that we celebrate that are simple normal days but that hold such a deeper meaning that words can't begin to express the true glory of them. On a warm September afternoon, 25yrs ago today, I committed to marry, love and stay with my precious hubby. Till death do us part. Despite those desperate and devastating times we were probably tempted to make that happen, we survived. Life is funny. When you're young, you think you know what love is all about. I'm here to tell you that after 25yrs of life, love and trials, you realize you had no clue. Here's to the next 25+ years to getting an even deeper understanding of what love is and to the man I'm so crazy about. We are so blessed that Jesus never gave up on us, despite our self centered tendencies. I'm in love, I am loved and I don't care who knows about it 😄💕❤️🎉. Happy 25th anniversary dearest!  I can't wait to travel the inner passage with you ❤️

Vista West Ranch, Dripping Springs ~ Caybrie's bridals

One of my most favorite things about photographing weddings is the fact that I get to spend about a year working with an incredible couple.  Capturing their engagement photos, bridals, and of course the big day.  I typically get to know my bride's very well and let's be honest... it doesn't take long before they become some of the sweetest friends ever!

The day that Greg and I got to hang out with Caybrie and Ross for their engagement session will forever remain as one of my most favorite sessions ever.  I'm not a whole "the stars aligned perfectly and rainbows and unicorns sprang forth from dewy grottos and.... I found a pot of gold and...." kinda gal but let me just tell you, I think some unicorns and rainbows were definitely on the agenda that night!

The stars aligned perfectly for her bridals AND that pot of gold, their wedding... well, that will be written about very shortly ;)

While it was one of the hottest summers I can remember, Caybrie handled it in stride and breezed through our bridal session like we were vacationing in the tropics somewhere!  I can NOT wait to share the wedding photos with you but for now, the stunning bride that has already captured the hearts of everyone that will be at the wedding and will capture the hearts of everyone reading this blog.... Caybrie <3

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Emma and Her Heart

Last spring I was so thrilled to get to take Emma's senior photos.  We had several challenges (serious accident with her horse, rain, rain and more rain...) but our perseverance paid off.  After doing our first session, I KNEW I had to work with her again!  OMGOSH!  Similar story, schedules and weather (HEAT this time) were not our friends but we pushed through and despite 103* temps, we made it!

There are words we use (ok, I use) and many times, over use (me again), words like, beautiful, stunning and gorgeous.  Oh, and amazing too.  Sometimes, it's hard to decide on "just the right word" so we I use what I know.  And over use it.  A ton.

When describing Emma, there is not just one word that encompasses everything about her.  I tried and tried to figure out "the" word but I couldn't get past my usual.  Thanks to google, I found a few that might come close...
Find one word that encompasses ALL those, and you have "the" word to describe Emma.
Oh, and she's also amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and stunning too ;)

*special thanks to my sweet friend, Cindy Friedrichs, owner of Lily Flower Shoppe, that made our floral crown!
Be sure to check her out for ANY floral needs!  Superb job my friend!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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