Breigh ~ Bridal Shoot

I am beyond thrilled to get to share this post with you today!  This precious and stunning young lady got to marry the man God brought her.  Wedding photos coming soon of course but for now, I get to grace my blog with the styled shoot we did.

I know, what?  Styled?  Well, let me explain... I have been dying DYING to do bridals with a horse.  It's a RARE one that will be willing to risk her dress before the big day just to get some pretty shots.

When Breigh showed me a photo of her dress, I new it was perfect!  Since she works with horses, I thought I'd just take a chance and ask her if she'd be willing.  I knew she wasn't planning on doing bridals so since this was my idea, I was going to put it together.  It started as just a bridal session then I had a brilliant idea (they do happen every so often, lol!).  My amazing friend, Whitney, of Wish and Whimsy Floral and I have been working together a few times doing some styled shoots (check our Vintage Bicycle and Masquerade Prom shoots, so fun!).  I knew she wanted more bridal images so I thought it wouldn't hurt to see if she wanted to participate.... ergo the now styled shoot, lol!

She jumped at the chance and I still am reeling from our experience.  She knocked it OUT OF THE PARK!  She has a dreamy, airy, vintage style and I scream for every time I see something new she's done.  I'm actually starting to pick out what arrangements are her's and I never thought I'd be able to tell someone's floral style like that.  If you want a unique, vintage, stunning bouquet or any type of floral arrangement, she's your girl!

Rouchelle Burdick of Beautiful Reflections did Breigh's hair and makeup and nailed the beautiful, natural look we were hoping for.  I can't thank all of you ladies enough for agreeing to be in cahoots with me (again, lol!).  You all blew me away!

Breigh... enjoy your sweet HUSBAND!  Austin is such a fun, great guy.  You two are amazing together and I'm soooooo so blessed to be the one to capture the incredible start to your future as Mr. and Mrs. Carrola!

MODEL - Breigh
FLOWERS - Wish & Whimsy Floral
HAIR/MAKEUP - Beautiful Reflections
PHOTOGRAPHY - Sparrow's Heart Photography

(Since Breigh has several horses we actually got to shoot with several of them!  Of course we had to pop a few in of Mowgli her precious pup too.)

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

New Building ~ Samples, Scripture and Significant Changes

It's my favorite day of the week, #fixerupperfriday!  I have a lot to share with you this week since last week's post was mainly about the exterior design decision.  Lots of changes and I'm so excited to tell you all about it!

As you may recall, I mentioned that we've been dealing with getting samples of stone, paint, etc.  We should have done this MUCH earlier but it's better to take the time to make sure you are getting the right stuff.  I'm posting a couple of images below to show you why I feel it's so important to have actual product in hand and not to go based off photos as they may not be exact.  You'll soon find out that despite my efforts, we are having to trust photos after all.  Win some, loose some I guess 😐

I went to ESI Stone in Georgetown to look at their sample wall and spent quite a bit of time chatting with Juan about everything.  Honestly, I was almost at my wits end because I felt they weren't going to have what I wanted (my original choice was much too small and MUCH too expensive).

I asked him about the stone in the yard (I love flagstone) and he proceeded to tell me that it was similar to what they call Oklahoma Blue Mist and proceeded to show me a section on another wall.  Since he didn't have actual samples to give me of the chopped version, he gave me samples of the flagstone (he said they should be similar).  It freaked me out a little because they look very different from what I saw in the yard and the physical samples I had.

(sample photos sent from quarry ↑)

(sample photos I took at ESI ↑)

I'll continue to show you my sample/color process but I must also tell you that it seems the stone shown to me at ESI isn't the same as what the quarry sent and we have now changed it to Hickory Blue Brown.  He said that the different photos (below) are the variations between pallets and I asked if we could try to get pallets like the one on the lower left of the image below.  Our focus is to be on dark grays with some rusts.
PRAYING it comes in and is a good match!

(OMGoodness the difference in these photos kinda scares me!)

We had already chosen paint colors based of the samples he gave me in the yard so I'm a little nervous that we have now changed to a stone that we haven't seen in person.  Faith building exercises (and breathing ones) commencing.....

Based on our original sample, I looked at several "gray" toned strips and narrowed it down.  My favorites were Iron Ore and Rock Bottom (dark).  I don't know if you can tell or not but I looked at them both in bright sun (bottom left) and shade (bottom right).  Interesting the difference that makes.

We then took the paint strips and rock samples to the building to look at the windows and see what was the most cohesive color chip.  When looking at the windows we realized they were more on the brown side than I had thought.  I added Black Fox into the mix as a possible choice.  However, after looking at all three, and seeing a sample on the back of the building, I knew I really didn't want the brown tone of Black Fox and Rock Bottom seemed too gray so, Iron Ore it is (middle color)!

Along with making stone and paint decisions, we saw a plethora of changes.  The wiring is pretty close to being done, center wall was sheet rocked on one side and the spray foam/insulation done.  I've compiled a collage of before and afters for you below, including the painted soffits and facia.

Something we planned on doing was to write scripture all over the studs before sheet rock was completed.  I realized it might get done while we were in Port Aransas shooting a wedding so we kinda scrambled last minute, had a few friends come join us for Chicken Express, cookies, prayer and scripture.  I didn't have enough time to put all the scripture that you all gave us so I'm hoping to get a chance to do more when we come back.  If not, I will get a VERY tall ladder and write it on top of the trusses. 😜

We are crazy blessed to have such sweet friends walk this journey with us, pray for us and speak blessing over our lives.  We couldn't do it without your support!

What I've learned this week...
Trust Him.
He shows up.
Every time.
Especially in the form of friends and loved ones.

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Trendz ~ Candles, Candle Sticks and Unique Antiques

I am amazed how diverse and beautiful Trendz candle and candle stick/holder options are.  From rustic aged metal, to silver, to hand thrown pottery, there are way too many artisans for me to list here so you'll just have to pop into the store to check them out yourself. I will say, their very own Martha has some of her unique designs for sale as well.  GORGEOUS!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31
All images are copyright of Sparrow's Heart Photography.

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