Kaylee ~ bridals

I am super excited to share Kaylee's bridal portraits with you!  I've been dying to see Ethan's face when he saw her and tonight was the night <3  Here's the thing though, you didn't need to see the look on his face to know how much he adores his stunning bride.  They did a blindfolded "first look" and man!  I was bawling!!!  It was probably one of the most precious moments I've ever been able to capture before a ceremony.

I simply ADORE this girl and her guy!  I can't wait to share the love that was palpable tonight <3  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Manley!!!!!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Gone Kitty Crazy!

So some of you may know that we found a couple of fluff balls the other day.  I’ve never been much of a cat lover (had some not-so-good experiences with a few) so to even allow the flea ridden munchkins into my home was a stretch for me.  Just being honest.  How, with me being a not-so-crazy cat lover, did I end up with a daughter, scratch that…  TWO daughters that ADORE cats, I’ll never know.

We have discovered now that the white one is male and the calico, of course, is female.  To name them or not to name them, that is the question.  Em wants to keep one (actually asked for one long time ago and asked again, we were in the process of deciding this when we found these two, lol!).  She has named them Ellie and Elliot :)  However….

Hannah, my other daughter and proud mom to two kitties (Piper Leanne and Pippa Rose) she has decided she needs our little cotton ball of a kitty and wants to name him Paddington Lane.  We are in trouble for sure.  He has probably easily become our family favorite because he’s just so dang cute, fluffy, sweet, comes when Em calls him and a snuggle bug.  The calico is adorable as all get out but not nearly the snuggle bunny our cotton ball is.

I decided that I better take a moment and document their baby cuteness before it goes away so here you go.  Which to keep….. both girls want the boy.  I’m in trouble!  And so are you, there are a lot of photos, lol!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Faith Academy High School Senior ~ Katie

I can count on one hand the amount of teen pilots that I know.  One is a great friend of my son's and the second would be this girl :)  How stinkin' cool to be flying a plane before driving a car, lol!  What a unique experience and opportunity to become a pilot before you have graduated high school.  I know things have to become official with tests and all that but DANG, this girl flies planes!!!!  That's pretty freakin' awesome in my book!

Not only did we get to run around on the tarmac, we got to play with her pup and in fields of flowers.  What a fantastic day with a fantastic girl in a fantastic location!

I think one of the things that I thrive on is the unique.  Who wants to have a senior session that looks like every. other. senior. session?  Each one of you is just that.... YOU!  You are amazing, incredible and unique.  So let's find a way to showcase that.  Isn't that what a senior session should be about?  Showcasing... you!

Here's to YOU, Katie!  Thanks for sharing your sweet adventurous spirit with me!  I loved every minute of hanging with you <3

*shout out to Beautiful Reflections for Katie's hair and makeup!





His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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