The New Building ~ Walls

Wow!  We have windows and walls!!!  Sorta, haha!  My sweet hubby got the chance to go by the building and snag a few shots for me.  It's been a crazy two weeks so me getting over there while it's still light out hasn't happened much.

I am DYING to hop in myself and take a gander.  However, I know things will be even further along and I may have missed most of this stage.  Even more reason to make the trip though 😀

A few things we have learned this week about the reno process:

1. Make sure the plans show a sink in the break room or it will cost you later
2. Stand your ground when plumbing is coming out the wrong wall
3. Think carefully about whether you really want exposed trusses or not
4. Try hard to keep your head on level ground and not up in the clouds
5. Budget isn't everything but it's a whole lotta things
6. Keep praying through every step backwards
7. Remember to be thankful for every step forward

Ah.... these life lessons.  How I love them 😏

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Violet Crown Occasions ~ Spring Bridal Soiree'

As many of you know, I've joined forces with several other vendors in our area to I can't thank Amanda Hibler from Outback Party Rentals enough for her amazing write up about our recent event!

Violet Crown Occasions held their first bridal soiree at Jolie on Main in downtown Marble Falls, TX this past Sunday. Phenomenal vendors from caterers, bakers, musicians, photographers, floral artists and many more have joined together to showcase styles from shabby chic to Boho trends with an added, successful touch of Hill Country splash. This new event network group is ready to make your event go off without a hitch and most definitely capable of creating a memory and energy your guests will talk about for years to come! The atmosphere was a creative and welcoming one, held on a gorgeous spring sunny day for the Texas Hill Country. This group of talented local entrepreneurs can mold comfortably to any theme your event requires. Violet Crown Occasions is a one stop shop to make your event come together in a unique and flavorful way. I wouldn’t miss the next event! Check out Violet Crown Occasions on Facebook today. Official website coming soon!

Dee Patterson from Jolie on Main is an incredible host!
The roses outside Jolie are absolutely delightful!

Everyone put a little something special inside these cute grab bags!

Cindy Friedrichs of Lily Flower Shoppe, Libby Holder of Flash and Trash and myself, Jennifer Rice of Sparrow's Heart Photography were blessed to help greet folks as they walked in the door.

All the upcycled vintage clothing was done by Libby! GORGEOUS!

Scrumptious nummies by Luciana McKeown of Saucy's Catering!

Cupcakes and this gorgeous wedding cake courtesy of Lisa Hambrick from Lisa's Cakery

All floral arrangements were done by Cindy of Lily Flower Shoppe!

Our "Event" setting.... MY FAV! Old bingo cards under the glass plates... neutral palette, love it!

Our "Spring" setting.... who doesn't love gold and succulents?

Our "Boho" themed tablescape.... Our signature chocolates were done by Holli Beckwith from Lakehouse Chocolates

All the calligraphy was done by the uber talented Patricia Rex of TREX Artwork
New Spring line of vintage jewelry and clothing showcased by Kim Chandler of Stella Ella

Lots of great networking and visiting happened. It was wonderful to meet so many amazing vendors like Brass Hall and Highland Lakes Music

Outback Party Rentals and USA Born and Texas Branded had a huge hand in this and we couldn't thank them enough for all they did to spread the word.
Saucy's Catering and Twist Hair Salon were super cute to pose for a photo.  I love seeing vendors working together and having fun!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

The New Building ~ Stripped

Gah!  I've been dying to share the latest update with you all week and here I've almost missed it!  You may remember the fact that we finally made it through the red tape and started to see a few bricks come down.... imagine my surprise to discover ALLLLLL the bricks came down this week and the exterior sheet rock walls (yep, no vapor barrier or OSB!) had begun going up.  Oh joy of joys!

Almost the exact same spot from the last post.  Cool to see the shell, lol!

There is something exhilarating and unnerving about seeing all the way through to the neighbors back yard...

Looking at the "exit" sign on the inside of the door through the exterior wall.... what a trip!
OSB and vapor barrier!

If you want to see some sweet arial shots of the building, check out G. Gray Services on Facebook!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31
All images are copyright of Sparrow's Heart Photography.

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