New Building ~ The Shell

So I know it's been a while since you've seen a true, photographic update.  I don't have much to show you but what I do have is pretty cool.

The sign is finally going in!  The rain has held things up a bit (good lolly, the park flooded, that's a TON of rain!).  We are now waiting for the Fiberon siding to be installed to finish it out (along with the address numbers so people can actually find us, haha!).  The Fiberon will be "filling" in the areas below the sign and to the left of it.  That is also where the address numbers will be going. 

I'll be sharing a post soon about my new logo you may have noticed on my sign!  It's been quite a journey to get here but I feel it's fantastic and I can't wait to share it with you all!

The exterior of the building has changed a bit as well.  Since we had to change the original exterior plan due to budget constraints, it's been a "figure it out as we go" scenerio.  We were going to have the Fiberon wrap all around the building but fitting a $10,000 exterior into a budgeted $2,000 exterior wasn't happening.  We decided to utilize the Fiberon only on the front (who really sees the sides as much anyway?!).  We chose to do a stucco finish on the sides.  We then discovered the Fiberon pros recommended wrapping the stucco around to meet the Fiberon on the front.  We changed things and did that only to run into concerns about the water table we chose to do; keep it on the sides only, carry it to the front, change the front to brown...?  We carried it to the front but having it in a tiny space between the two doors was just... well, just weird.  Since they had to take the stone off that area for other reasons we decided to just carry the Fiberon all the way down the middle and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Perfect solution!

We also decided early on to have some accent lighting in addition to the lighted columns.  It was originally going to be puc lights but those had to change to led strips.  I think the special lighting will def help get this building noticed at night no matter the style.

I was lucky to have such a pretty sunset last night as I tried to get a shot of the building at dusk.  I only had the iphone so it's not the best quality but it'll work, lol!

Happy #fixerupperfriday everyone!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

New Building ~ updates and heart stuff

Well, my streak is gone I suppose.  I know many of you have been looking forward to the weekly #fixerupperfriday posts and I missed last week.  I was contemplating skipping this week's as well for a multitude of reasons but felt it would be wrong to do so and needed to put something out there in spite of it all.

Because of things I can't currently discuss we are still not completed.  I think the hardest thing about this process is knowing that God has a plan and while we really felt He led us in the right direction, and He probably did, I'm beginning to realize it may not be for the reasons we had hoped.  Amazing how His ways are not our ways.  Honestly.... that kinda sucks.  We all want a smooth ride in life.  But instead we are allowed to be in situations that require growth and patience, forgiveness and love.  Dang that's hard.  And that really does suck sometimes.

  • We work hard to build a life for our family, trying to do all we can to make everyone's dreams become reality.

  • We work hard to grow as a couple and keep our marriages together, despite outside circumstances.

  • We have babies and raise them to adulthood hoping we have given and done enough to help them succeed.

  • We invest time and money into our future hoping along the road that we are making all the correct choices.  Stressing over this or that.  All the time wanting it all to be a smooth process.

  • We rescue kitties planning on giving them a better life, we hope to help our neighbors to elongate theirs.

REALITY CHECK: Smooth just ain't gonna happen in this world.

  • We will have to deal with things like cars crashing into buildings.

  • Babies growing up WAY too fast.  Suddenly leaving home to start their own lives.  Leaving us tempted to be worriers instead of warriors.

  • Having to adjust our lives because something doesn't go the way we planned.

  • Mistakes that are made and being faced with how to move forward.

  • People that drive us crazy and people that we drive crazy.

  • Rescued kitties still get sick and can dislocate a hip and a neighbor may pass away or move way before you want them to.

Life being lived in a fallen world is just that, fallen.  It won't be perfect.  It simply just won't be.  It's our job, as believers, to do the very best we can to love people where they are, trust God has this and cares about us, forgive others for what they do to us or our loved ones, move forward in faith.  Can I be honest with you?  That sucks.  It simply does.  It's HARD!  I fail all the time in each of these areas.  I'm grateful I have a husband that loves me, is committed to me and our marriage (or this process would have killed it for sure).  I'm so blessed that even though I drive him crazy and we tend to be opposite sides of this "see-saw" we call life, if we try hard enough, working together, we can balance each other out, hang together in that balance, and celebrate our togetherness.  Now, if only we could accomplish all this while giggling and snickering like a couple of five year olds on the playground, ha!

There is no photo and fun design update on the building, not super cool stuff anyway.  Today is mainly a reflective heart day about this whole process.  However, I will give a few updates and at least ONE photo (though more has been done since it was taken) :)

  • The inside is almost done (several items still need completing that I won't go into detail on). 

  • We are waiting for the sign to go in.

  • After the sign goes in, the asphalt can be done.

  • Stone and stucco needs to be finished and touched up (center area between the doors has been changed to all Fiberon instead of stucco and stone, much better!).

  • Address and suite numbers need to be put above the doors (lights have been installed on columns and metal bars painted darker gray, just not shown here).

I think that's it.  Inspector is coming back on the 14th I believe so all must be completed at that time?  Again, my brain is a little sketchy on that detail, sorry.

When my heart isn't so heavy with life's version of the "see-saw" I will provide you with truly updated photos and the design plan for the SHP side.  That is something I've been so excited to share but just haven't had the chance to do so.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a post up on Friday next week but I'll try.  If not, look for one in the days shortly after ;)

Happy #fixerupperfriday y'all and remember... just keep balancing ;)

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

Mr and Mrs Rodriquez ~ Destination Wedding, Taos, New Mexico

There is a certain flair that New Mexico carries; majestic mountains, pine trees that reach to the heavens, vibrant color and you can't forget the spice of life. It was the perfect setting for this delightful couple's remarkable day!

Jennifer and Billy are preciously sweet and hysterically fun!  Such a marvelous combination 😁 Their laughter together is such evidence of the love they have for one another.  It's a love that transcends years.  Having met so long ago and shared so many moments in the day to day, holds a kind of love that most newlyweds haven't experienced.  It's those experiences, living life together, the in's, the outs, the ups and the downs, that grows a love to deeper depths and higher heights than you could have ever dreamed of and it's the kind of love that begs to be celebrated.  So they did!

Jen, Billy.... what a blessing it has been to get to know you both and all your precious kiddos.  Chatting about suit colors, table decorations, Texting about venues, food trucks, colored sand and of course, the owl mask (my personal fav, haha!) are just a few of the memories I will hold very dear to my heart for years to come.  I can't express enough to you what a delight it was to capture this beautiful, momentous occasion for you all!

A HUGE shoutout to all those that made this day absolutely perfect!

Stunning Venue Hacienda Del Sol
Delicious Cakes by Jocelyn’s Cakes
Gorgeous Flowers by Enchanted Florist
Fabulous Hair by Linda Cameron of Spirits of Beauty
Scrumptious Dinner at The Medley

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31
All images are copyright of Sparrow's Heart Photography.

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