New Building ~ Bumbling Through

Hey hey!  It's #fixerupperfriday!  So much to share this week.  First, here are the updates going on:

1.  The cabinets have been stained and the countertop is on.  I'm going to do a light gray wash over the cabinets to age them a little but you'll get a good idea of what they look like from the photos.

2.  The front doors are on and the siding is installed!  They still have to finish the stucco on the front and redo the stone between the doors and the metal poles on the columns will be painted a darker primer gray.  The lights still have to go up on the columns as well.

3.  The floor is in :D (it's covered so no good photos of it).

4.  The interior doors are installed (waiting for paint).

5.  Trim is up (waiting for paint).

6.  Windows are all installed.

It's been so cool to see things happening for sure but I've still had a ton of decisions to make (seems I've been living/breathing this process for months!).  It also seems that many of my hours on the internet may have been spent in vain because we seem to keep running into problems with ordering the fixtures and items I've chosen so we have to scramble and look for something else.  This is also affecting the budget.  Oh. Joy.

This week especially has been a bumble and scramble week.  Here is what I've been bumbling through the most...  The bathroom design has had to change a bit and I've been trying to nail down the design for SHP (more with furniture than other things).

I've had in my head how big the bathroom space will be (about a 7'5" square) and haven't really kept in mind how SMALL the sink area is because of ADA requirements (29").  That changes sooooo many things!  The mirror I ordered is bigger than the counter and since the counter is attached to the side wall, the mirror would stick out too much on the left side.  Also, because the counter is so small, there is really no where to put pendant lights because they'd run right into the mirror and putting one to either side of the mirror would look so odd!  I am now having to return my beautiful Hobby Lobby mirror and switching for this more rustic one from Kirkland's.  I actually liked it a ton several months ago but thought it'd be too small so I got the other one, ha!  Joke was definitely on me 

SO, keeping in mind the size of the space, the amount of light we need to keep it from feeling like a cave, and the industrial style I'm going for, (and because it kinda looks like a spider and is a funky spin of the pest control business) I've decided on this cool fixture from Amazon.  It def helps that it's the least expensive option I had narrowed down to.

I have a lot of amazing things happening on the SHP side and am hoping to compile those soon so I can share the decor plan with you all.  My FAVORITE part of this whole thing, lol!

Things I've learned this week:

1.  Nothing is set in stone.
2.  You may have to change your plan.
3.  You may have to change the new plan too...
4.  Pay attention to every. single. thing. in a space and measure, measure, measure!

Until next week, have a good one and thanks for hanging out with me on this journey!

Happy #fixerupperfriday

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

New Building ~ Potty Time!

This week, we will travel through the bathroom :D  I bet you couldn't have figured that one out at all  Ok, don't hate my silly puns.  It's all I have sometimes, lol!  

I LOVE the industrial look of cement coupled with warmer materials like wood, leather, natural fibers and old world gold (aka antique gold).  I fell in love with the look below and it shocked me when I realized I had inadvertently chosen almost every single identical element for our bathroom.

Let's start from the top and work our way down.  First of all, I chose to do the three walls you see when you first walk in the same gray we have chosen for other areas of the space.  I will be doing a faux wash over them to help create the "cement" look.  The ceiling and the wall with the door will be white.  While I love the idea of the cement, I definitely don't want people to feel like they are entombed.

I found almost an identical mirror at Hobby Lobby.  God be praised, I happened to be on the site when mirrors were 50% of AND free shipping!
The lights kinda floored me as I had purchased these from Tuesday Morning simply because they were on clearance (paid about $20ea) and I fell in love with them.  I figured I'd put them in the bathroom and when I saw the image above, I realized they are the EXACT same style, just a different color than the inspiration image!  *mind blown*

I also fell in love with this sink setup below.  Since we have to be ADA compliant and can't have a deep counter or bottom shelf, we will have a thin counter and a vessel sink (similar to inspiration image above).  Our sink will be rectangular in shape.  I feel that a round one is harder to contain water and splashing and with the round mirror and lights, I felt I needed to break up all the circles a little.

One of the things I love about her set up is the warmer gold fixture and "P" trap.  I found a touchless faucet and the designer from above sink inspiration purchased this modern looking bottle trap for under the sink and spray painted it.  I'm a HUGE fan of spray paint so I'm going to give it a go.

 gold touchless faucet
The flooring will be the same throughout the entire building.  I haven't shown it to you all yet because I had planned on using a different flooring (same as what I have in my current studio) but after purchasing, they discovered it's too think for our current slab situation and we had to change to a more structured, interlocking floor.  My precious friend, Cindy, came with me and we hung out all day as we traversed Marble Falls deciding on flooring and other items.  She was a huge help and we finally chose this Smart Core flooring called Cottage Oak from Lowes.

I'm considering something like this for paper towels

Handrails made from galvanized pipe.

and I LOVE this idea for toilet paper.... we always need someplace safe for the phone!

Last but not least, a cutest little fake cactus from Ross because if you know me at all, you know I have the brownest thumb in the USA!

Happy #fixerupperfriday everyone!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

New Building ~ Updates

Greg and I are currently in New Mexico getting ready to photograph the wedding of a very special couple so this update will be pretty short.

Right before we headed here, we popped into the building and saw a few updates happening.  I can't tell you what a thrill that was!  They have painted the walls, trusses and ceiling, the cabinets were being installed and we have now decided on the color and countertop for the break room.

We were toying with using the black leather pearl on the left but decided it really didn't fit with my vision and would have to change a lot of other things.  So, we looked at the three quartz styles below and decided on the one on the far right, Pebble Honed.  It felt the most like concrete look we wanted (couldn't get anyone willing to do the counters so had to find pre-made product) and it was lower in price than the two on the left.  Thanks to Lexie at Accent Granite for all their help!!!

The cabinets will be stained a light natural walnut and I'll be doing a light gray wash over the top to make it look a little more aged.

So there's my #fixerupperfriday post for this week.  I am so excited to come back and see the additional changes and updates!!!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31
All images are copyright of Sparrow's Heart Photography.

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