His Promise: for a Hill Country Photographer

Sometimes I find myself slipping into that "wondering" phase of life.  Not so much in the joyful, awe-inspiring part but more like the continual concerning part.  The part that nags you and worries you and makes you wonder what it's all for anyway.  I know, I'm not the only one, I hope not at least!

I was shopping around at our local Ross the other day (my new FAV store... it's a small town, give me a break, haha!) and started peeking at the journals and planners.  I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with journals and planners.  I LOVE how adorable they are (I purchase way too many) and I HATE the fact that I am so bad about journaling and that planners make me always see how tight (or empty) my schedule is.  And if I'm being totally truthful, the really awesome planners, the ones that have daily goals and lists and devotions and all that cool stuff.... those just remind me how miserably unorganized I am.

Well, while at Ross, I realized it's that time of year where I need to get a new planner so I can start logging weddings, etc. for 2018.  While I was poking through them, I found this one and fell in LOVE with it (the price of only $3 was a bonus too)!  Now my planner isn't just a reminder of a busy (or sometimes not so busy) schedule but it's a daily reminder that HE has a bigger plan for me than I can write for myself.  My job, is to love Him with all my heart, love others more than I love myself and follow His lead.  Letting the rest fall into place.

Here's to starting a new planner (and year) with Jesus taking the lead, and to Jeremiah's reminder.... 

Hmmm, even a planner can be a simple blessing of peace and joy.

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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