New Things and God's Blessings!

Wow.  I almost can't believe I'm sitting here, typing this. This will be the beginning of an incredible journey.  One with bumps and bruises I'm sure but also one with joys and excitement!

Some of you know that I went to Tech for Interior Design.  I loved every minute of it (except that college algebra class 😝).  However, the out-of-state tuition was an issue so I moved to Austin to live with my sis and gain residency.  How little did I know that life was about to change.  I met Greg, we got engaged, he got relocated to Clovis, I moved home, planned a wedding, got married, had kids and here we are.... 26+ years later and I'm just now really getting to do something with the interior design I love so much, lol!

For several months, Greg and I have been chatting and praying, praying and chatting (and praying some more) about the possibility of purchasing commercial property in Marble Falls.  He has a location in Kingsland (even though we started the biz in MF) and in looking at our numbers have felt a location in MF would be a great addition.  I have also been paying rent at a space that has definite pluses but also some frustrations (safety and no signage being a biggy for me).  Finding a space for my studio where I have signage and is in a safer location would be great, not to mention having my rent work for me would be a bonus.

We looked as several places and being that our budget is pretty low there seemed to be one spot that kept coming back up.  After much more prayer and deliberation, we moved forward and many months, inspections, negotiations and some tears if I'm honest, we have closed on the building!

I don't know if you are familiar with this place or not, it's rather non-descript and sorta fades into the background (we plan on changing that).  The old dental office on 281 (across from Chick-fil-A, Panda Express and Aaron Rents) is our newest business addition.

This is DEFINITELY a big time fixer-upper (asbestos, foundation issues, mold, termites, water leaks, blech) and a challenge.  However, I finally get to really start from the ground up (literally) and really design a space that isn't just on display boards, lol!

I'll be dedicating part of this blog to that process so all you sweet peps can follow along!  Pray for us, please, lol!  Here's to a new adventure in faith, trust and construction!

If you'd like to get updates on the newest posts please be sure you subscribe (top right of this blog)!  Next post will show the beginning stages and what we will be starting with.  You'll want to see these photos, gah!!!  I can't wait to have before and after images to share, lol!

Garrett Gray of G. Gray Services will be doing the remodel and Walter Barrineau of Barrineau Architects is doing the plans.  It's going to be amazing!!!!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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