New Building ~ Busted

YAY!  Permits came through so we are moving forward!  I heard a little bit was done at the building today so I decided to run by and grab a picture, perfect timing considering today is #fixerupperfriday.

It's been a little interesting starting this process.  I knew the building would get some attention.  Any construction on the main drag in this town gets attention, lol!  It's just about the only entertainment we have 😉

Well, we've had the water left on (outside spigot), the porta potty has been pushed over (ewww, gross!) and today, as I pulled into the parking lot of the building, I noticed a green truck near the dumpster and thought maybe it was part of the construction crew.  The somewhat scruffy looking couple getting back inside the cab (with a garbage bag full of something) did not look like part of the crew...  I got a little bold and asked them if I could help them with anything and they shared with me that they had been dumpster diving. Busted!  Oh boy.  The experiences this brings, lol!

I did manage to grab a shot of some busted bricks that had been torn down.  Not too exciting but very bit of work helps and brings us one step closer to done.  And while it's a teeny tiny update, at least it's a forward kinda update, haha!

Have a happy joyous weekend!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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