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There have been a few changes... windows have arrived and we did a run through with Garrett about the electrical and data boxes.  The boxes are nailed in place, wiring has been on hold till we could confirm where we wanted the boxes.  I'm so happy he had us do this!  Most would probably just do it according to the plan.  There were several changes we made and we would have been up a creek if he hadn't confirmed with us before wiring.  Thanks Garrett!

We are now at a place where we have to nail down the finishes on the exterior.  The fun stuff is starting!  As you can see below, we are going for a mid century modern look.  It's never been my favorite but given the original architecture and the fact that we can't afford to redo the roofline like I'd LOVE to do, I've decided it's the best way to go.  Much to my surprise, it's actually grown on me.  Especially after seeing some of the things Chip and Joanna Gaines have done on "Fixer Upper".  I've never been one for sterile environments, I'm def more a natural and warm kinda gal so that whole MODERN thing has never been my jive.  I love that there is a new style (whoop whoop for Jojo!) incorporating a more modern and clean look but with natural elements like woods, aged metals, stone,  leather, natural fibers, etc.  THAT my friends is what the goal is with our new place.

 So, I bet your wondering what I meant by "vote".... I've played around with the drawing of our front elevation in photoshop (lawd it took forever to clean up all those lines!).  I've layered a few different things and created a couple of looks.  I know what I want but Greg is of a different mind.  So.... we need your help.  Please comment below with which design you like best: A, B, C, D or E.  I'm dying to know what the consensus is.  Will I win or will Greg, or neither of us, lol!? 😊

A) White Stucco with Cedar Posts
B) White Stucco with Metal Posts
C) White Board and Batten Siding with Cedar Posts
D) Vertical Cedar Siding with Metal Posts
E) Horizontal Cedar Siding with Metal Posts

Thanks for taking time to vote!  I'll let you know the decision next week.  Until then, happy #fixerupperfriday ✌

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  1. Ann UmberhockerMay 4, 2018 at 9:46 AM

    I am posting this in the second comment box. The first one is hosted by Google. I am able to comment here without logging into google. Why do you have two comment boxes? I like View D then A.

  2. Don Dudley - I like D the best. While I do like a log cabin horizontal theme, the vertical wood makes the building look taller and works well blending the roof line to the horizontal stone work. Thanks for the chance to vote.


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