New Building ~ Progress!

Greg and I popped over to the new place tonight to get some photos and an update.  We are still dealing with issues from the accident, mainly the replacement windows were not able to be ordered until the insurance money came in.  That just happened so windows (I believe and hope) will be ordered this week.  Sad thing.... I think there is a two week lead time for them to come in.  Then install, then all the stuff around the windows can be completed.  That stinks.

However, I shall not dwell on that.  We have worked very hard this week to make all our decisions on decor, etc. and I believe we have everything done but break room cabinets and landscape.  Hoping to nail these down asap as I have two kiddos doing college orientation next week, several weddings coming up, oh and a business to run, lol!  Crunch time for sure!

So, in the spirit of joy, I am VERY pleased to be able to share a few things that have happened recently....

Stucco is in process!

 Sheetrock has been installed!

The roof is on!

  The holes they cut to install the exposed ductwork have been fixed!

What have I learned this week?  

1.  No matter how hard this has been, the reward will be huge.
2. You can do it!  It's amazing how much lighter you feel when a gigantic weight called "the selection list" is completed (or almost completed) ;)
3.  Having a good laugh goes a looong way.  

When I realized that we'll soon be at the "two week" mark I immediately thought about one of my most cherished movies so I just had to share a few of the best clips from it, lol!!!  

I just might have to watch this again, soon.  Very soon 😂

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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