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Family Sessions ~ My Heart for Them and About Them

A while back I expressed how much my heart has changed as far as family sessions go.  For such a long time I've been stuck.  Stuck feeling like I was slowly backing myself into a corner and I didn't know how to get out.  "Families are fun, kids are precious," I would tell myself.  But I slowly started to cringe when I'd get an inquiry from a family.  I shouldn't start dreading family sessions.  But I was.  They usually went something like this...

Me: "ok everyone, you go here, you go there, you stand here" "look at me, hey cute kiddo, peek a boo" "look here, everyone look here, smile" "look like you're having fun" "look like you love each other" "haha, laugh, haha" "hey kiddo, look here!"
Mom and Dad: "say cheese" "listen to the photographer" "stand still"  "stand still and say cheese" "get over here" "leave your brother alone" "stand sti…

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