Marble Falls, Texas Wedding, Church of Christ ~ Sarah and Landon

They were both headed to a wedding.  Her brother's wedding.  Little did they know it would only be a matter of time before they headed to their own wedding.

Landon and Sarah had known each other for years.  They ended up spending a lot of time together during her brother's wedding and discovered they had more than just her brother in common.  They both have a heart for children and in their own way, want to save the world.  One kiddo at a time.  She as an educator and he as a doctor.  The only things more important, their love for God and each other.  In fact, Sarah missed her college graduation ceremony to attend her nuptials 😄  Now that's true love people!

This day was all about the joy, friendship and overwhelming love and fun these two have together.  A celebration of the most precious kind; red noses, M&M's, popcorn (dill pickle was the BEST), confetti and embracing the beauty of Christ's birth.  Now that's a party!

Sarah and Landon, I am so blessed to have met you, to have captured this day for you and I can't wait to see the amazing things you do as you follow the path God lays before you.  Go love on some kiddos and be the amazing blessing I know you already are and will continue to be 💕

(To see Sarah's bridal portraits, check out this LINK

Flowers by Lily Flower Shoppe
Hair and Makeup by Twist Hair Salon
Cake by Sugar Mama's

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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