Vintage Bicycle Styled Shoot ~ Wish & Whimsy Floral

What do you do when you have an order of flowers arriving that won't be used due to event being rescheduled...?  You call me and we set up a styled shoot on the fly, lol!!!

I think it's so funny how Whitney of Wish & Whimsy Floral and I have now done a few of these and planned them rather quickly.  They have come together soooo beautifully!  One I can't show you yet (styled shoot with one of my brides) but you can check out our Prom Masquerade Shoot here if you'd like.  I keep seeing God's hand all over this.  I mean... the timing even couldn't have been more perfect!  Wisteria do NOT last long and certainly didn't this spring.  To have a wall of it in full bloom right when we needed to do this shoot, only God can do things like that 😄  We even got to use a few pieces from my new and upcoming "Style Closet" that I'll be offering to seniors (pink skirt, t-shirt and pearls)!

We started chatting about the flowers and the fact that Whitney even had a model in mind.  The perks of small town living, we discovered I have actually shot with Kaitlyn before, lol!  I did her senior photos a while back and I was super excited to work with her again!

It went from one direction, down a totally different path and I'm thrilled it did.  I've been DYING to do a styled shoot with a vintage bike for years.  My precious neighbor allowed us to borrow her personal bicycle (she's almost 90 so this was perfect!) and one thing led to another.  I even bought and stained the apple crates the night before, lol!  😀

I can't wait for future endeavors with this amazingly talented florist (and kindred spirit)!  Whitney's vintage and ethereal style blends so perfectly with my style, it's def a match made in heaven 💞  Thank you Kaitlyn for your effortless beauty, willingness to model and your endless patience with us, lol!

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me.   ♥   Matthew 10:29-31

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